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Choose us when you need bathroom or kitchen remodeling service in Phoenix, AZ

One of the best parts of homeownership is remodeling your space. You can have the fixtures, appliances and materials you love the most anywhere you want them. However, bathroom or kitchen remodeling can be a big project to handle alone.

Fulcrum Built LLC is here to help. We offer professional remolding services all over Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. Whatever you have in mind for your living space, we can perform the necessary construction and installation.

Revitalize your home with expert kitchen and bathroom remodeling services from Fulcrum Built. Contact us now to discuss your remodeling ideas with a pro.

We can handle every part of your remodel

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling are specialties of ours. We work hard to provide you with the installations and services you need to make your home look wonderful. Our team can:

  • Install new fixtures and appliances
  • Set up plumbing and electrical systems
  • Place new doors and windows
  • Create custom cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are a breeze with the right crew on the job. Leave the hard work to Fulcrum Built. Connect with us today to begin working on your home updates.